Al Kausar Boarding School

About Brand

Al Kausar Boarding School, situated at the foothills of Mount Salak, is an educational institution overseeing the junior and senior high school education levels. Guided by the principles of leadership education, the Al Kausar Boarding School has firmly established its identity as a School for Future Leaders.

What They Need

Brands require promotion to boost their school enrollment figures. They need to build marketing assets and optimization efforts to enhance awareness and generate prospects. We assist in a range of services, from Website Development, Social Media Management, to Paid Ads Optimization, aimed at promoting the enrollment of Al Kausar Boarding School to potential students.

We Do

Social Media Management

Paid-Ads Management

Visual Production

Web Development

The Results

We design a high-conversion landing page with a structure that aids visitors in better understanding the value proposition of Al Kausar Boarding School. Additionally, we create a feed layout for Al Kausar Boarding School's Social Media presence. We also run Facebook and Instagram Ads for a duration of 6 months, resulting in approximately 600 leads on the WhatsApp messaging platform.

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